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What are the 7 Must-Have Tips for Choosing Fabric Sofa?

Jul. 06, 2021

As a must-have furniture for every family, the sofa is a well-deserved C-bit in the living room. The fabric sofa is favored by many people due to its soft feel and special shape. How to choose a fabric sofa? The key is to look at these 7 points. As an OEM Modern Fabric Sofa Manufacturer, share with you.

Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofa

1. Choose according to the room environment

As the main furniture of the living room, the sofa should be in harmony with the overall decoration style of the doors, windows, walls, etc., in order to create a visually unified living room.

2. Choose according to the decoration style

Everyone’s home decoration style is different, there are pastoral, Japanese, Chinese, light luxury, etc., so the sofa should be determined according to the style of the home, for example, the Japanese style is suitable for plain fabric sofas and the rustic style is suitable for Small floral fabric sofa.

3. Choose according to the feel of the sofa

Inferior fabrics may irritate the skin, so when buying a fabric sofa, remember to touch the surface with your hand and buy it if it feels comfortable to the touch.

4. Choose according to filler

Whether the filling is good or not depends on the elasticity of the sofa. The test method is to allow the body to fall freely on the sofa. If it can be bounced twice, the elasticity is good.

5. Choose according to the details of the sofa

You can judge whether the details of the sofa are not well done by looking at whether the seam of the sofa pillowcase is flat and strong, and whether the sofa legs are equipped with anti-skid pads.

6. Choose according to the sofa frame

The sofa frame is related to the service life of the sofa. During the test, one end of the sofa can be raised by 10cm. If the legs of the other end are also off the ground, the quality is deemed to pass.

7. Choose according to sofa cover

If you want to clean the Fabric Sofa, you must disassemble the sofa cover, so it is more troublesome. You can pay attention to this when buying and see if it is difficult to put the sofa cover on.

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